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Kelly was the visionary who opened the center to fulfill a need for something she felt was missing in Orange County. Moving to California from Oregon in the early 90’s Kelly brought with her some very natural and holistic roots. She quickly realized she was missing the calm that comes with being surrounded by nature and the connection to others that is so prevalent in the North West. Wanting to build a center that offered excellent healing services with friendship and a personal touch, Kelly put her life experiences in the fitness world and massage therapy to work in Costa Mesa over 20 years ago.


I have had the luxury of growing up within the wellness world (literally I have been within the four walls at Harmony most of my life!) Out of everything I have learned it is that we simply need to find what we love to do, do it and take care of ourselves as best we can. I feel that being fit and healthy should be something you choose versus something you dread. Getting to work with our clients as they discover how to live from a place balance and happiness is what I love most. I think my mom said it best long ago, "My vision for Harmony was to create a space that people could call home, a place where I could raise my children and grow life long friendships while at the same time using my knowledge to assist others in healing their lives."                 

More than twenty years have gone into making Harmony what it is today. Now I get to work with my family, raise my babies, share my passion and spend every day with people I truly call friends. My method of personal training and coaching has evolved from a lifetime in fitness, yoga and physical therapy.

I earned my BS in Kinesiology from Cal State Long Beach. I am a Classic Homeopathic Practitioner, an ACSM certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. That is my story, come in and share yours!


Harmony is a wonderful place to just be. I love the great little community that has been created here with our wonderful clients and staff. Personally, I enjoy all that Harmony has to offer; fitness and yoga classes, awesome massages and of course homeopathy. I am always down for a good hike, traveling and just relaxing with my family and my dog, Bruxie.

I became a homeopathic practitioner because I fell in love with the results I continually see in myself and in others. When it comes to side affects the only main one you see in homeopathy is Health! It is pretty amazing that it can heal so much of a person both physically or emotionally. Treating pets and animals has always been a passion for me. I worked many years in veterinary  medicine and studied zoology before I decided to become a homeopath. It isn’t uncommon that when I treat a pet I eventually treat their human or vice versus.