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Level 1-2 Classes
You will enjoy the personal attention our semi-private classes provide. Our instructors have years of practice and a deep knowledge of the body. By incorporating the use of props; blocks, straps, bolsters, the rope wall and chairs, all skill levels may participate in class. You need only be flexible in the mind and the body will follow!

Gentle Yoga
In gentle yoga we use all of our fun props for a fully supported approach to yoga. After working at a slower pace to stretch the body you will feel open and relaxed. Gentle yoga is excellent for beginners, seniors and everyone who wants to learn how to work deeper in their yoga practice. *senior packages may be used only for gentle yoga class

Happy Hips Yoga
Happy Hips yoga class is designed to stretch, open & correct the muscular imbalances within your hips, gluets, hip flexors, thighs & low back. Feeling sore, tight or just need some great hip opening work? This class is for you.

Prenatal Yoga
It is our vision that you enjoy yoga with other mamas in a friendly, nurturing environment. Prenatal yoga creates space in your changing body, relieves aches, pains and supports a healthy pregnancy. All while assisting you to relax, be present, focus on your breath and connect with baby. We encourage you to hang out, chat, and enjoy a cup of tea and "me time" before or after class.

Private Yoga
Ideal for beginners and those wanting to focus more on their personal yoga practice. These sessions create a comfortable space to learn the basics and build one’s confidence. Private yoga sessions are a beautiful way to enjoy custom yoga classes for just you, you and your friends or coworkers.


Body Fusion Class
In this 55-minute class we blend the most effective exercise moves with yoga inspired stretching to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body. Keeping each client’s person goals in mind, we customize a group workout that is different every day. This class gives you all the benefits of a private session with the fun of a small group.

Fitness + Lifestyle Coaching
Are you ready for workouts that work, personal growth, clean eats, healthy living, enjoying life without giving up everything you love? Then Lyndsey’s Fitness + Lifestyle Makeover is just what you need. This is a unique approach to fitness and living well that will change you both inside and out.

Private Personal Training
Whether you are just getting started, getting back into it or looking to mix up your current workouts, you can work one-on-one with our fitness experts. Each session is designed to meet your personal goals. Our trainers all hold a BS in Kinesiology and multiple certifications. We invite you to join us on the road to a fit lifestyle.

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  • Boutique private studio

  • Complimentary towel service

  • Complimentary alkaline water

  • Complimentary postural & fitness assessments

  • Exclusive massage memberships

  • All equipment is supplied


  • Arrive to class early or on time with a smile

  • Late - if you are late please text us so we know you are coming. Silently wait until you get the teachers attention and ok to enter the class.

  • PLEASE DO NOT enter yoga class when everyone is seated with eyes closed

  • TURN OFF THE RINGER ON YOUR PHONE. No Phones in the studio.

  • Dress in workout/yoga clothes + wear shoes or sticky socks for fitness classes

  • Have CLEAN FEET. Often running around in flip-flops or work shoes leaves your feet dirty. These dirty toes equal dirty walls, dirty yoga straps and dirty blankets. Not to mention your instructor touches your feet!

  • Perfume, less is more. Keep in mind many people are sensitive to fragrance.

  • Tell your instructor if you have any new or unusual aches or pains or if you have started taking new medications etc.